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Every woman must jump over hurdles as she traverses through her life. All of us either knows a woman who has done so or is a woman herself who is doing so.


At each stage of her life, a woman deals with multiple barriers that prevent her from striving to break the glass ceiling; of society and life. This treasure trove of heartfelt poetry and prose showcases many such instances in a woman’s life as she goes through daily life, deals with others’ perception of her and what she ‘should’ do, reminisces her past and dreams of a future she wants.


A woman may be ecstatic or enraged, melancholy or blissful, as she dances through her life. Be it a real-life experience or anecdotal, this lovingly curated collection of poetry and prose will take you on a journey through a woman’s innermost thoughts and aspirations and the struggles and joys that come her way in this game of life.

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