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Hi, I am Soumya. I am a Scientist and an Author. I have two passions, chemistry and writing. I fulfilled my chemistry side by obtaining a post-doctorate in Chemical Engineering and working for an automobile company. I pursue my writing side by writing and reading a ton of books. I live in a Detroit suburb, along with my family.

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Varun is a ten-year-old boy, who wakes up in The Jungle Book (by Rudyard Kipling). Varun has lost his memory, but he knows that he has to find four 'clues' in The Jungle Book to go home. Varun's companions are his faithful beagle, Spot, the pod that travels into the 'book' worlds, and the virtual assistant of the pod, Avani. Will he be able to locate the 'clues' and find his way back home? Or is the jungle too dangerous for Varun and Spot?

Coming Soon 2021

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